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Hobby og fritid

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  • Look Deeply Into My Eyes

    Gizzy’s idea of a blind date means giving an eye exam. “Hi, Here’s a photo I took of my 2 Peachf ...

    24.April 2014 03:57

    Cute Overload

  • Think Outside the Dessert Table: 23 Fresh Food Stations

    If you're not just any bride then you probably want a unique way to serve guests some great food ...

    24.April 2014 03:50

    Brit + Co.

  • Finally! There’s an Activity App for the Couch Potato Set

    Not feelin’ a run today? Not feelin’ a run… ever? There is still an activity tracking app out th ...

    24.April 2014 02:50

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  • DIY Geometric Bear from HGTV Handmade

    Our friend, made this really cool geometric bear on the channel recently and we love it ...

    24.April 2014 01:41


  • Take This Quiz to be Featured in Our Book!

    You’ve heard the news: we’re writing our very first book, Homemakers. The book is a modern domes ...

    24.April 2014 01:05

    Brit + Co.

  • Tea and No Sympathy

    “… and then Leroy, that’s Gloria’s uncle’s cousin’s sister’s youngest (more tea?), well, he up a ...

    24.April 2014 00:57

    Cute Overload

  • Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle

    Digital artist and illustrator Florian Nicolle (previously here and here) blends layers of newsp ...

    24.April 2014 00:49


  • Kill It With Your Skillet: 20 One-Pan Wonders

    These days, a skillet is the only kitchen tool you need to be wielding. Whether you want to whip ...

    24.April 2014 00:49

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  • Dress Up Your Arms With Leather Studded Wrap Bracelets

    Got five minutes and spare leather scraps + studs? Then you're basically all set to make edgy ar ...

    23.April 2014 23:50

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  • Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Album Covers Imposed Into Street View?

    Some of the most iconic album cover photos of all time have shuffled straight off of your iPod a ...

    23.April 2014 22:50

    Brit + Co.

  • Family Photos.

    So 11 years have brought a lot of changes. When we moved to our house in 2004, we were fr ...

    23.April 2014 22:37

    William of Mass Destruction

  • Esther, I’d Look Over Your Shoulder

    Looks like SOMEone is getting ready to rumble. “Shhh. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I believ ...

    23.April 2014 22:30

    Cute Overload

  • Mesmerizing 3D Paper Art by Maud Vantours

    Paris-based designer Maud Vantours creates stunning pieces of paper art, using a variety of colo ...

    23.April 2014 21:42

    123 Inspiration

  • Get Ready for the Races: 10 Big, Beautiful Hats Fit for Derby Day

    Whether you're watching the races from a TV or you'll be at the Kentucky Derby in flesh and bloo ...

    23.April 2014 20:50

    Brit + Co.

  • Pay Up, Casey

    Normally, such a prolific NOSE shot as this would go into the Nosevember File (and there is such ...

    23.April 2014 20:01

    Cute Overload

  • This Gadget Lets You Read More Easily By Using Your Fingers

    If you want a crystal ball’s eye view into our very cool future, you need to follow the happenin ...

    23.April 2014 19:57

    Brit + Co.

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