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  • Håll grytan kokande

    Hallandsposten Cred: Johan Y

    1.September 2014 20:38

  • This Ice Bucket Challenge Nearly Turned Deadly

    Okay, this Ice Bucket Challenge meme is starting to get out of hand (even if it is for a good ca ...

    1.September 2014 20:34


  • How Do They Get the Caffeine out of Decaf Coffee Beans? Your Coffee Questions Answered - Still leaving the most important question: why?

    While the rest of you were taking the day off, Mental Floss debuted a new video series today cal ...

    1.September 2014 20:30

    The Mary Sue

  • Man Doesn’t Stand for Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Orders Police to Remove Him

    A local Florida city commission meeting took an uncomfortable turn when a man sitting at the fro ...

    1.September 2014 20:13


  • Update: Sex Geckos on Russian Space Satellite All Reported Dead - This isn't very sexy at all.

    If you, like us, have been gleefully following the story of the fornicating gecko-filled satelli ...

    1.September 2014 20:00

    The Mary Sue

  • I See What You Did There (18 Pics)

    via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via Have you visited today?

    1.September 2014 19:59

  • Ricky Gervais Gets in Hot Water for Tweet About Hacked Nude Celebrity Photos

    Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais got in some trouble on Twitter earlier today for a comment he m ...

    1.September 2014 19:50


  • Three-Minute Video Shows 500 Years of Women in Art - Oh, silly me, I didn't realize men could only paint Madonnas!

    I expected this video to awe me with the evolving ways in which women have been depicted in clas ...

    1.September 2014 19:30

    The Mary Sue

  • Marvel’s EIC Apologizes For Any “Mixed Messaging” That Spider-Woman Butt Cover Might Have Caused - We can't imagine what those mixed messages might have been.

    So, you might have heard that Marvel is releasing Spider-Women #1 in November. You may also have ...

    1.September 2014 19:15

    The Mary Sue

  • Awkward Moment On The Escalator

    Some things are just meant to be.

    1.September 2014 19:02

    eBaum's World

  • Dorkly Reminds Us Why Hufflepuff Is Puffin’ Awesome - Not that I needed a reminder. 'Puff Pride!

    Dorkly asks: What would Harry Potter's life have been like if he'd been sorted into the other Ho ...

    1.September 2014 19:00

    The Mary Sue

  • Perez Hilton Apologizes for Posting Some of the Hacked Nude Photos

    Perez Hilton apologized on Twitter last night for sharing some of those hacked nude celebrity ph ...

    1.September 2014 19:00


  • Come see CollegeHumor LIVE in LA tomorrow! More info...

    Come see CollegeHumor LIVE in LA tomorrow! Featuring HBO - Silicon Valley star - Thomas Middled ...

    1.September 2014 18:45

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • Hackers Post Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Other Celebs Online

    Several different female actresses and celebrities found themselves caught up in a massive hacki ...

    1.September 2014 18:37


  • Joan Rivers’ Family ‘Keeping Our Fingers Crossed,’ but Concerned About Health

    Joan Rivers and for the past few days, but a new report says doctors started to bring her out ...

    1.September 2014 18:37


  • Check Out The New Promos For Agents of SHIELD Season 2 - Ohhhh, Lola.

    Season two of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is on its way, and while these promos don't seem to have ...

    1.September 2014 18:30

    The Mary Sue

  • St. Louis Cop Fired for Inappropriate Ferguson Facebook Posts

    Yet another police officer has gotten in trouble for comments he made about Ferguson protestors. ...

    1.September 2014 18:14


  • Looking for a job is a full-time job. Finish reading —>...

    Looking for a job is a full-time job. Finish reading —>

    1.September 2014 18:13

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • Large-Scale Hack Lands Stolen Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence & Other Celebrities Online

    The internet is a cesspool, but at least we'll always have cat videos.

    1.September 2014 18:00

    The Mary Sue

  • Labor Day Weekend

    Expectation: Reality:

    1.September 2014 17:39

    What should we call me

  • Study Says Social Media Is Making Us Unhappy and Distrustful - I bet they just want the publicity, though.

    The written word has a lot of drawbacks in missing out on tone and intention, which makes it soo ...

    1.September 2014 17:30

    The Mary Sue

  • NY Dems Didn’t Take Too Kindly to Ted Cruz’s Swipe at the Bronx

    Senator Ted Cruz took a brief swipe at the Bronx during a speech he gave on Saturday. As a resul ...

    1.September 2014 17:26


  • Ice Bucket Challenge Almost Kills This Guy

    At least he has plenty of ice for that massive lump on his head...

    1.September 2014 17:01

    eBaum's World

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