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  • No, Conservatives, Rosie O’Donnell Did Not Tie Racism to the ‘Latte Salute’

    This puts me in the delicate position of standing at Rosie O’Donnell‘s side, a truly toxic place ...

    2.October 2014 02:20


  • This Prison-Themed Restaurant in China is Fun for the Whole Family!

    "Hey dad, can we go to JAIL for dinner tonight?" "Sure we can, Sally! Because jail is FUN AND ...

    2.October 2014 01:45


  • Ferguson Grand Jury Is Being Investigated for Misconduct

    You may remember there's a grand jury looking into the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, and t ...

    2.October 2014 01:38


  • Here’s the Most Honest and Intense Tinder Message a Guy Ever Sent…

    Tinder: Where cutting to the chase means so much more.... The post appeared first on .

    2.October 2014 01:33


  • dorkly: The Periodic Table of Pokemon Artist Kuinala has...

    : Artist   has advanced our understanding of PokeScience by decades with this periodic table o ...

    2.October 2014 01:03

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • dorkly: ihateyourfriends: I just…wanted to draw luigi’s outfit...

    : : I just…wanted to draw luigi’s outfit from the kyary ad :D  was recently released, primar ...

    2.October 2014 01:03

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • collegehumor: 16 People Who Will Never Be Action Stars Not...

    : Not everyone can be Jackie Chan.

    2.October 2014 01:03

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • Single Ravens Fan Pisses Off Hundreds Of Browns Fans

    This Ravens fan is a Master Troll.

    2.October 2014 01:01

    eBaum's World

  • Little Homie says watch a new Key & Peele tonight after...

    Little Homie says watch a new tonight after South Park, or else!

    2.October 2014 01:00


  • Please Don't Go, Girl

    Don't beg in public. Ask her to come back to you with 240 text messages and 25 voicemails in the ...

    2.October 2014 01:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Limbaugh: Is the Secret Service ‘Being Told Not to Look?’

    doesn't know what to make of all this Secret Service mess, and he wondered aloud on his show tod ...

    2.October 2014 00:56


  • "It’s a person, sitting down." - Addy, Age...

    "It’s a person, sitting down." - Addy, Age 5 #ThingsMyKid­IsDrawing

    2.October 2014 00:53

    Reasons My Son Is Crying

  • O’Reilly: Obama Ignores Incompetence, Refuses to Fire People for Failures

    In the wake of the Secret Service scandal and Director Julia Pierson 's resignation, went after ...

    2.October 2014 00:35


  • White Wedding

    “My parents wedding in the early 60s. My mother and aunt both wore pan-stick makeup and judging ...

    2.October 2014 00:33

    Awkward Family Photos

  • Bill O’Reilly Takes a Compatibility Quiz with David Letterman

    and have their differences, so they took a compatibility quiz on Letterman's show today to see ...

    2.October 2014 00:13


  • Can gluten make your dick fly off? Find out on tonight’s...

    Can gluten make your dick fly off? Find out on tonight’s new South Park, Gluten Free Ebola. Clic ...

    2.October 2014 00:10


  • 9 Facts Too Weird For Science Class

    Being in space can cause excessive farting.

    2.October 2014 00:02

    eBaum's World

  • Valar Morghulis, The Newest Game of Thrones Beer Has Arrived and I’m Here to Brag About It - Anyone can be tipsy.

    Brewery Ommegang's newest Game of Thrones inspired beer is officially available today and we got ...

    2.October 2014 00:00

    The Mary Sue

  • Who Wants A Hug?

    Sorry, but not even blue paint and a speedo can distract me from your fiery ginger fro. [via The ...

    2.October 2014 00:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Dallas Hospital Mistakenly Released Ebola Patient for Three Days

    Thomas Duncan , the Dallas patient with , was mistakenly released from that Dallas hospital and ...

    1.October 2014 23:50


  • Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto Are Now Part-Owners of Reddit Along With Other Less Entertaining Investors - Redditzilla incoming?

    Reddit recently closed a whopping $50 million round of investing that brought in money from sour ...

    1.October 2014 23:45

    The Mary Sue

  • “Apparently Kid” Meets Lifelike Dinosaurs and He Couldn’t Be Funnier….

    I just want to squeeze all the adorable gingerness out of him and create a happy potion. What? ...

    1.October 2014 23:41


  • Things We Saw Today: A TARDIS Tortoise! - Try saying that ten times fast.

    Headcanon: this is actually Sherlock's pet tortoise, Clyde, who has run off to be with an even m ...

    1.October 2014 23:30

    The Mary Sue

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