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  • Fox’s Bob Beckel Gets Bleeped During Fiery Rant Against His Five Co-Hosts

    The Five 's is known for being a little too colorful with his words. And in mid-rant today, it ...

    30.September 2014 21:51


  • WATCH LIVE: CDC Press Conference on First U.S. Ebola Case

    The Centers for Disease Control confirmed on Tuesday afternoon the first case of Ebola in the Un ...

    30.September 2014 21:51


  • John Cusack: Hollywood ‘Whorehouse’ Exploits Young Women ‘Like Kiddie Porn’

    John Cusack 's newest film, Maps to the Stars , is a satirical drama about Hollywood and child s ...

    30.September 2014 21:28


  • And Here’s the First Cable News Pundit to Connect Dallas Ebola Case to Obama

    You knew it would happen eventually. Just not this soon. Now that the Centers for Disease Contr ...

    30.September 2014 21:28


  • Taylor Swift Thinks Emma Watson Is The Incredible Feminist We Should All Aspire To Be - PREACH.

    Emma Watson's beautiful speech to the UN supporting feminism and the HeForShe campaign was wonde ...

    30.September 2014 21:28

    The Mary Sue

  • 6 Reasons Why The iPhone is Definitely Better than Android

    : It’s like comparing apples and oranges (because oranges are awful and no one likes them.)

    30.September 2014 21:13

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • CDC Confirms First Case of Ebola in U.S.

    The Center for Disease Control has confirmed that a person in Texas has been diagnosed with the ...

    30.September 2014 21:04


  • Jeopardy Uses ‘What Women Want’ Category That’s 50 Years Out of Date

    It is 2014, which means that a category on Jeopardy ! called "What Women Want" should probably h ...

    30.September 2014 21:04


  • Bruno Heller on Gotham’s Villains & Casting Young Actors as Traditionally Sexualized Comic Book Characters

    Executive Producer/Writer Bruno Heller talks to us about utilizing younger versions of sexy comi ...

    30.September 2014 21:02

    The Mary Sue

  • Lifeboat Launch, Win Or Fail?

    Either way that had to be one hell of a ride for the lifeboat passengers!

    30.September 2014 21:02

    eBaum's World

  • No Need to Park, I'll Be Right Back

    Submitted by: (via ) Tagged: , , ,

    30.September 2014 21:00

    FAIL blog - Can I Haz Cheezburger

  • 18 Dogs That Look Like Something Else

    These dogs also happen to be doppelgangers for other things… [via boredpanda] Previously: 16 Ext ...

    30.September 2014 20:59

  • Tom Morello Denied Entry to Restaurant, Slams the Joint as ‘Anti-Worker’

    Famed rock guitarist Tom Morello railed against a Seattle restaurant, calling it "anti-worker" l ...

    30.September 2014 20:43


  • Tracy Morgan Fires Back at Walmart ‘Blaming Me’ for Crash

    Tracy Morgan has responded, through a representative, to Walmart saying he didn't have his seatb ...

    30.September 2014 20:43


  • Firefighters Use Teeny-Tiny Oxygen Masks To Rescue Hamster Family - Our tiny pizzas! Our tiny burritos! All is lost, all is lost!

    Life sucks and then you die, but if you're lucky you might help some hamsters first.

    30.September 2014 20:32

    The Mary Sue

  • Cosplayer’s 3D-Printed Samus Varia Suit Is Unbelievable - But what happens to her when she goes into morph ball mode?

    Cosplayer Talaaya's two-year quest to build her own Varia Suit from  Metroid has clearly been we ...

    30.September 2014 20:20

    The Mary Sue

  • The View’s Rosie: NFL Penalty on Muslim Prayer Used to ‘Rally’ U.S. into War

    Rosie O’Donnell said on ABC’s The View Tuesday that the NFL’s recent penalizing of a Muslim play ...

    30.September 2014 20:19


  • MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart: There’s ‘Hunger for Authenticity and Voices’ on Cable News

    At a luncheon to formally introduce the new daytime MSNBC host, José Díaz-Balart addressed the c ...

    30.September 2014 20:19


  • Stephen Colbert and Jamie Oliver talked comfort food on last...

    Stephen Colbert and Jamie Oliver talked comfort food on last night’s episode of The Report. Clic ...

    30.September 2014 20:12


  • This Is What Happens When Sexting Isn’t Consensual

    The post appeared first on .

    30.September 2014 20:06

    Damn You Autocorrect

  • Woman Captures Nearby Lightning Strike

    Awesome footage but a little too close for comfort.

    30.September 2014 20:02

    eBaum's World

  • That's Pretty Close To His Hazelnuts

    Looks like this douche finally turned 18! [via Ugliest Tattoos]

    30.September 2014 20:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

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