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  • southparkdigital: Fan Question: In the un-aired pilot, did...

    : Fan Question: In the un-aired pilot, did Cartman have a dad and a sister?? Answer: Yep! You c ...

    2.August 2014 04:00


  • Bill Maher Defends Israel Again: ‘People Die in Wars’

    and his panelists took on the issue of Israel tonight, and Maher found it ridiculous that everyo ...

    2.August 2014 03:19


  • Showoff Fails In Front Of His Girl

    He attempts to casually jump the wall but ends up looking like a fool.

    2.August 2014 03:02

    eBaum's World

  • Selfie Game Is Still Healthy Tho

    Her employer needed proof that she was in the hospital. [via TBSR]

    2.August 2014 02:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Bachmann: Obama Could Push Medical Experiments on Undocumented Kids

    Michele Bachmann spoke about the current border crisis this week and claimed one possible thing ...

    2.August 2014 01:40


  • GOP-Led House Passes Border Bill 223-189

    The Republican-led House of Representatives passed a border security bill tonight 223-189, a day ...

    2.August 2014 01:21


  • 38 Pages From A Coloring Book For Grown-Ups

    These hilarious and WTF pictures are from a real coloring book for adults.

    2.August 2014 01:02

    eBaum's World

  • Creationist Fires Back at ‘Messed-Up’ Bill Maher, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Creationist Ken Ham he doesn't believe in aliens but if they did exist there's no point in NASA ...

    2.August 2014 01:01


  • Guy Can’t Catch A Break

    If he was initially speeding because he had to poop he may have just relieved himself. [via Uber ...

    2.August 2014 01:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Anthony Cumia Speaks Out on Firing, Reveals Which Conservative He Admires

    Exiled radio host is getting back in the game with The Anthony Cumia Show . But in a new interv ...

    2.August 2014 00:22


  • Light Pole Saves A Man From Death

    He avoided the close brush with death by jumping behind a light pole.

    2.August 2014 00:02

    eBaum's World

  • Jelloshotz Are Forever

    He wanted his first tattoo to be something he was deeply passionate about. [via Imgur]

    2.August 2014 00:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Excelsior! Entertainment Weekly has a sketch from Season Four of...

    Excelsior!  has a sketch from Season Four of Key & Peele!

    2.August 2014 00:00


  • Walk Softly and Carry a Littlefinger: An Ode to Game of Thrones‘ Petyr Baelish - Petyr, Petyr pumpkin-eater, had a Cat and couldn't keep her.

    Vile, despicable, slimy and creepy. These are all words I’ve seen used to describe Lord Petyr Ba ...

    2.August 2014 00:00

    The Mary Sue

  • Don Lemon Grills Hamas Spox: How Long Will You Let Innocents Suffer?

    CNN anchor put Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan on the hot seat tonight over Hamas' reported captur ...

    1.August 2014 23:46


  • Stephen Colbert Gives Sweet Dad-Style Advice To Young Women Everywhere…

    I've said it a million times and I'll say it again... #Colbert4President. The cool "Colbert Rep ...

    1.August 2014 23:38


  • Dorkly Offers Up Some Progressive Superheroes

    Dorkly took inspiration from Marvel's new!Thor and decided to create 6 "progressive superheroes."

    1.August 2014 23:30

    The Mary Sue

  • Full Police Report Reveals More Information About Comic-Con Incident

    Polygon has obtained a report from Harbor Police through an open records request.

    1.August 2014 23:15

    The Mary Sue

  • GOP Rep. Calls European Allies ‘A Bunch of Weenies’

    Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher spoke at the Young America Foundation's young conservati ...

    1.August 2014 23:06


  • 17 Random Disturbing Facts

    A collection of things you're probably better off not knowing..

    1.August 2014 23:02

    eBaum's World

  • Things We Saw Today: Lucy Translated! (Really?) - I see you, Lucy. I see you.

    Apparently Hollywood likes to write random words behind their heroines in foreign countries.

    1.August 2014 23:00

    The Mary Sue

  • WTFriday

    I'm going to be spending my weekend wondering why this is a real thing. Think you can explain it ...

    1.August 2014 23:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

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