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  • Fox Source Claims: Officer Wilson Badly Beaten by Michael Brown Before Shooting

    Darren Wilson, officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, was beaten nearly unconsci ...

    20.August 2014 20:18


  • GoldenEye Stand-Off He’s got a license to kill within the...

    He’s got a license to kill within the agreed-upon multiplayer rules.

    20.August 2014 20:13

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • A New Horns Poster Has Daniel Radcliffe Looking Every Bit The Devil - Harry who?

    The more I see on this film (based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name), the more I count the d ...

    20.August 2014 20:07

    The Mary Sue

  • Best Man Loses Pants And Groom Can't Get It Together

    A bride and groom can't stop laughing at the alter after the best man's pants fall down.

    20.August 2014 20:00

    eBaum's World

  • A Heated Argument Between a Baby and a Dog

    Submitted by: (via ) Tagged: , , , ,

    20.August 2014 20:00

    FAIL blog - Can I Haz Cheezburger

  • Read How To Design A Perfect DVD Menu First, pick the most...

    Read  First, pick the most annoying 7-second music clip and loop it for eternity.

    20.August 2014 19:40

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • Mike Ditka Goes Off on Liberal ‘Idiots’ for Pushing Redskins ‘Horse Sh*t’

    Former Super Bowl-winning NFL coach and current ESPN analyst Mike Ditka is making his views on t ...

    20.August 2014 19:37


  • Way to go, China

    20.August 2014 19:30


  • WATCH: Cop Aims Rifle at Ferguson Protestors, Yells ‘I Will F*cking Kill You!’

    In video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday night, a police officer can be seen stalking the middle of ...

    20.August 2014 19:16


  • PolitiFact Disproves Limbaugh’s Claim MSNBC ‘Went Off Air’ to Concoct Michael Brown Story

    PunditFact, a division of PolitiFact, rated as false Rush Limbaugh' s claim that MSNBC went off ...

    20.August 2014 19:16


  • High Schooler Allegedly Suspended for Saying ‘Bless You’ to Sneezing Classmate

    According to Kendra Turner, her teacher immediately chastised her for breaking her classroom's n ...

    20.August 2014 19:16


  • Frequent Misspelling Of “Suites” Prompts Retailer To Offer Solid-Chocolate Bathroom Set - For your golden tickets and your oompa loompa dippity doos.

    God bless Bathrooms.­com. The online retailer of bidets, toilets and other traditionally ine ...

    20.August 2014 19:05

    The Mary Sue

  • The Face Break Challenge

    Time to start a viral campaign where you pour honey down your pants and donate to her dental sur ...

    20.August 2014 19:00

    Tosh.0 Blog

  • Leader of the Pack

    Submitted by: Tagged: , ,

    20.August 2014 19:00

    FAIL blog - Can I Haz Cheezburger

  • Photoshop Battle of the Day: The Happy Baby Wombat

    Submitted by: Tagged: , , , , ,

    20.August 2014 19:00

    FAIL blog - Can I Haz Cheezburger

  • 16 Awesome Animated GIFs (8.20.14)

    via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via Funny GIFs: Next Page–> Have you ...

    20.August 2014 18:59

  • Fox News Airs Dramatic Reenactment of Michael Brown Surveillance Video

    As cable news continues to search for new ways to cover the situation in Ferguson, Missouri foll ...

    20.August 2014 18:54


  • This Slippery Squirrel Will Never Steal Bird Seed Again!

    Submitted by: (via ) Tagged: , , , ,

    20.August 2014 18:45

    FAIL blog - Can I Haz Cheezburger

  • White Male Comedians Aren’t Funny - But there sure are a lot of them.

    Are women funny? Are black comics funny? These are both questions I hear discussed fairly regula ...

    20.August 2014 18:43

    The Mary Sue

  • Every email you’ve ever sent is wrong. Read What Your...

    Every email you’ve ever sent is wrong. Read

    20.August 2014 18:40

    CollegeHumor Staff Blog

  • Teen Siblings Inspired by Ferguson Conflict Design Ratings App to Monitor Police Performance - 0/5 stars. Would not get arrested by again.

    Issues surrounding police brutality and transparency have a way of cropping up over and over aga ...

    20.August 2014 18:27

    The Mary Sue

  • Your Place Or Mine?

    Submitted by J The post appeared first on .

    20.August 2014 18:14

    Damn You Autocorrect

  • Fox Guest Host on Obama’s Foley Statement: I Wish He’d Show Enough Respect to ‘Put on a Tie’

    Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth‘s immediate reaction to President Barack Obama‘s statement reg ...

    20.August 2014 18:12


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